Jessie Buttafuoco

is a Host & Motivational Speaker with experience in podcasts, radio, music, television, Youtube, and live events.  

Coming from a pair of infamous parents, Jessie has had her fair share of unique experiences (to say the least). She’s appeared on a variety of TV shows including (but not limited to) Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake, Howard Stern, Inside Edition,  Dr. Oz., and ABC 20/20: "Growing Up Buttafuoco" 

She currently hosts a twice weekly podcast called  Live Your Life Kween Podcast  where she answers listeners’ questions about everything from addictions and depression to crappy co-workers and nutty friendships. The self-help show is available on most streaming platforms.  

Jessie is currently studying psychology at Pepperdine University to truly make a difference in the Mental Health field. 

Jessie is also writing her memoir — tentatively titled “No Ifs, Ands or Buttafuocos: A Story of Resiliency and Overcoming Infamy.” Now, she’s on the hunt for a publisher.