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Professional Sass Kween

Jessie Buttafuoco

is a Trauma-Informed Media Consultant & Motivational Speaker with experience in podcasts, radio, music, television, film, & live events.  

One shot to her mother’s face and a sex scandal that rocked the world catapulted Jessie’s parents into the spotlight in 1992. Since then, Jessie Buttafuoco has had her fair share of amazingly tragic and incredibly unique experiences while navigating the treacherous waters of infamy. 

Living with and almost dying from the mental and emotional damage caused by extreme Media Trauma, Jessie is dedicated to making significant changes in the way we treat true crime victims in the media. Available for on-set advocacy and pre/post production consultation, Jessie is determined to help the industry create ethical true crime content and protect true crime victims from further exploitation in the media. 

Jessie recently completed a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is training to be a therapist.



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