About Jessie

Jessie is currently in the research and fundraising stage for her Documentary "Infamy's Child".    Viewers will get an in depth look from the child't perspective  of one of the most infamous pop culture phenomenons of the 90's ; the Buttafuoco/ Fisher saga.  (Google it if you're unfamiliar) She uncovers and reveals never-before- seen facts about the attempted murder of her mother, and probes into a variety of topics such as Prostitution, Police Misconduct, Mental Illness, Gun Violence, and the Effects of Massive Media Exposure on a once ordinarily normal family. Check out the Teaser Trailer !

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She loves to motivate, empower, and entertain- whether she’s on a stage or in your living room. She is currently embarking on a Motivational Speaking journey, sharing her life-story to inspire and encourage others to overcome adversity and just be overall good human beings.

She presents her traumatic childhood in such a way that both entertains and inspires others while providing encouragement and advice.  She also dabbles on Youtube, creating the advice series “Live Your Life Kween” in addition to writing and recording a few parody music videos. She's also produced videos for  popular Youtubers and Social Media Influencers that have reached millions of viewers.  

2010 - present
2010 - present