About Jessie

In 2018, Jessie was a guest on the Dr. Oz Show where she talked about her parents case, and for the first time, was asked about HER experience.  All too often, Jessie is asked to just re-tell the story of her parents and provide sound bites of who did what to whom. On the Dr. Oz show, Jessie was able to talk about the mental, emotional, and physical effects of growing up under such unique circumstances. This appearance allowed Jessie to build a platform, hone in her message, and cultivate a brand for herself. 


In 2019, Jessie was featured in a 2-hour ABC 2020 special titled “Growing up Buttafuoco” where she shared intimate details about her life in the spotlight. Jessie spoke directly to the camera and narrated the entire 2-hour special which was a first for ABC.  Jessie’s performance proved to be relatable and entertaining , which is evidenced by the shows’ number one spot in the ratings for the week. 


In 2020,  Jessie was a featured speaker on behalf of ABC News for CrimeCon House Arrest. She again promoted mental health awareness and substance abuse awareness in her live Q & A with Matt Guttman.  This interview was a major highlight of CrimeCon that year.  Jessie was also featured in a 2 page spread in the NY Post about overcoming infamy and sharing candidly about her struggles mentally and emotionally.  


In 2021, Jessie’s most recent appearance has been on The Doctors Tv show where the mental and emotional effects of her childhood experiences were truly dissected  and talked about with mental health professionals. This riveting episode has aired 3 times since it’s original air date and continues to be one of the shows most popular episodes of the season. 


Currently, Jessie hosts a weekly podcast called Live Your Life Kween where people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds write into  the show and ask Jessie for advice about various problems. 


After experiencing a major depressive episode and almost losing her life to her battle with alcohol and drugs, Jessie has realized the importance of processing childhood trauma and healing our hearts and souls. Jessie is passionate about the mental and emotional effects of infamy and is currently perusing a Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University. She currently has a 4.0 :) She hopes to use her first hand experience and newly gained knowledge about mental health and wellness to help others involved in scandals heal from their trauma and find meaning in their lives.  Jessie currently works with at-risk youth in a residential treatment facility specializing in mental disorders and substance abuse. She works hands on with teenagers in many capacities, providing the support they need to process their trauma, heal, and live happy and healthy lives. 

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2010 - present
2010 - present